Mastodon- Emperor of Sand (2017) Album Review

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand (2017)

Score- 10/10

Mastodon is an American Heavy Metal band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia who just released their seventh album, Emperor of Sand  and its one of the best Metal albums I’ve heard in years. The way Mastodon composes both heavy and melodic masterpieces track after track is impressive. Emperor of Sand is a definitely a shining moment in this bands career, not to say they haven’t had a good run of impressive albums but this one hits all the right notes.


 The songs on this album are definitely rich with depth both lyrically and musically, touching on common themes for the genre but done in a mature way.  Emperor of Sand is a concept album based on the concept of time, dealing with matters like, the darkness, hard times and eventually death that we all face. The members have all stated that they each put their own struggles into each of these songs, making this album is a very personal one. Emperor of Sand is a dark album that you would think would be hard to listen to over and over but it proves to be the opposite, coming across more positive than negative. In my opinion the message I received from the album was to cherish the moments and make the most of the time you are given as you never know when it will be your time to go.

I would like to pick a few standout tracks from the release but in this case, every song is interesting to listen to and it’s like going on a musical adventure as you go through the album. I don’t say this lightly, this album just might be the Metal album of the year. I haven’t been blown away by a Metal album in a very long time but Emperor of Sand is perfection. I bought this album the week of release and I’m still listening to it several times a week. This is one of those albums that seems to get better with every listen, and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Go and pick this album up, you will not be disappointed.



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