We Own The Night (2008) Film Review

We Own The Night (2008)  Written and Directed By: James Gray

Score- 6/10

We Own The Night is a Crime-Drama film, written and directed by James Gray, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes and Robert Duvall. This film has an amazing cast that deliver good performances for the most part but for me the film falls flat with no shocking plot twists, something we have come to expect from most crime films. The story is pretty straight forward and has absolutely no surprises, everything that happens in this film you saw coming minutes before it does. The film moves at a pretty good pace but the predictability of the story really hurts this film. We Own The Night has an amazing cast and that did their best to deliver but the script is just too simple and weak, sometimes having simplicity is a good thing, however, that is just not the case here. You watch Crime-Dramas from the twists and turns and this film has none.


James really delivered as a director though,capturing the look and the feel of New York in the 80s.The film truly shines with its production design and the recreation of 1980’s Brooklyn. The music and costume design is spot on, as well as some pretty good cinematography. The films score is composed by Wojceigh Kilar and it’s an excellent score that fits the film perfectly. Its one of those scores that just sits in the background and never tries to hijack the film and I appreciate that very much.

The film features an exceptional car chase scene that is the shining moment for this one and honestly the only memorable scene in the film. The predictable ending was not a good payoff for me, it was a generic ending for a very generic film. Generic, That is a good way to explain We Own The Night, nothing really exciting happens besides the car chase, group that with an extremely predictable script and you get a less then stellar film. If you love the genre then by all means check it out and judge for yourself, if not, I would pass. I recommend viewing The Departed instead.


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