BLUE VALENTINE (2010) Directed By : Derek Cianfrance  SCORE- 9/10


Blue Valentine is a Romantic Drama film starring Ryan Gosling(La La Land, Drive) and Michelle Williams(Manchester by the Sea). While the film is beautifully shot, it is a very depressing one to watch. Ryan and Michelle’s performances are so good it almost feels like you are watching a documentary. They have some incredible scenes here, that will hit you right in the feels over and over again.

Blue Valentine is a very touching and emotional film from the very first frame to the last. This film has some scenes that will make you uncomfortable and some that will have you laughing out loud. Derek wrote the story in such an intelligent way, going back and forth from the past to the present, it was such an engaging way to see the characters fall in love and then seeing what became of their relationship in the end.

I will say I didn’t feel the story was really done when the film ended, it kind of caught me off guard. I wanted to know more but ultimately, it is what it is. I highly recommend viewing this when you are in a good place mentally as there are very few happy moments in this film…but when they happen, they are beautiful. Derek wrote and directed a tragic, depressing love story but it’s one of the most honest and real stories I have seen in a long time. I have viewed it several times and it still has the same emotional effect every time, to me that is the sign of a great film.


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