Welcome to Eric The Entertainment Guy’s blog!

I will keep this nice and simple. Do you like Entertainment? Movies? Tv? Music? I do and that is all we will be talking about here! I love great stories and awesome music. I am rather open minded to new art and will not judge anyone based on their preferences. I will be posting 2-3 reviews a week.  I will be reviewing old and new movies,shows and music, No rules here! I am still catching up on movies and shows I’ve missed over the last twenty-eight years on this rotating rock! If this sounds interesting to you, Join the conversation!

This blog will keep most reviews short and spoiler free! I hate when I read reviews that tell me everything about the films or shows. I will try my best to remain unbiased and give honest reviews of all things entertainment.The reviews will be on a scale of ten, ten meaning “masterpiece” and zero meaning “garbage”. Hope you enjoy the coming reviews! I am completely new to this, so constructive criticism is appreciated.







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